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Center for Career Guidance and Advice

General information

The Center for Career Guidance and Advice was established in 2003, as an organization unit of the Faculty established with the aim of helping students and other interested clients to assess their skills, interests and values, and also to gain information on the prospects of finding a job, trends in the labor market and requirements of the employers in terms of the necessary competences.

The Center is primarily intended to encourage as many students as possible to actively engage in their own careers and to offer advice on these matters by providing professional assistance and specialized trainings on how to monitor changes in the labor market and how to position themselves with respect to these changes. The center will, in their actions, seek to support the vision and the mission of the Faculty, by establishing strong collaboration with all the participants in the labor market and providing the necessary information and technical assistance, primarily to the students of the Faculty, but also to the employers, thus enabling them to have access to high-quality resources.

The Center has numerous activities: forming the students and employers database; cooperation with alumni through which the Faculty is going to intensify cooperation with employers, co-operation with the labor market in order to monitor and analyze changes in the supply and demand for certain competencies; training students how to write a CV, prepare for interviews, simulation exercises for interviews, issuing recommendations for the students; conversations and counseling with students regarding job selection and recruitment; organizing job fairs in cooperation with labor market institutions, the Faculty and student organizations; organizing lectures by successful practitioners.


Director: Prof. Mirjana Petkovic, PhD

Associate: Mirjana Rakic, MSc

Tel/Fax: +381 11 3021 085
E-mail: karijera@ekof.bg.ac.rs
Web: www.ekofkarijera.com

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Kamenicka 6, 11000 Belgrade
phone (011) 3021 240; fax (011) 628-923
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